A Self Loading Concrete Mixers that cannot be rejected
In recent years of engineering projects, the Self Loading Concrete Mixersr  is getting higher and higher. Whether in cities, towns, or in the mountains, you can always see its small and flexible “posture”, neat and automatic Feeding water, automatic mixing, automatic transportation, and automatic unloading are assisted by countless projects. More and more people tend to buy them. What advantages have attracted so many favors? Let’s take a closer look at its advantages.
1. One car can hold three mechanical cars
The Self Loading Concrete Mixers can load, mix, transport, and discharge at a fixed point. It replaces part of the functions of loaders, mixers, transport trucks, and pump trucks. Some people have questioned the practicality of Self Loading Concrete Mixers because It seems to do anything, don’t really use it for nothing. But the actual operation proved that it is not only good, but also very good. It is born to produce concrete and solve surrounding problems.
Two, efficiency hanging mixer
2.Take  4.0 square mixer for example, an average of one tank of material is discharged every 12 minutes, and after 8 hours of operation, the daily concrete output can reach 500 tons, which is several times more efficient than simply using a mixer.
3. You can buy another car with the saved cost
The cost saved by the Self Loading Concrete Mixers is the material cost and labor cost.
Four, can go up the mountain, go down the pit and walk on the plateau
Going up the mountain is too difficult for a large tanker, but quite simple for a Self Loading Concrete Mixers.
The plateau is also suitable for the Self Loading Concrete Mixers. It can customize the “plateau machine” that meets the local environment for users. How can the Self Loading Concrete Mixers “excellent” on the plain, and how it can be “excellent” on the plateau. Play”.
Fifth, dictating rural “unacceptable”
The road up the mountain turns ruggedly and the road into the village is narrow. In recent years, rural infrastructure projects have been in full swing, such as road construction and hardening of pavement, old house renovation, etc., each of which symbolizes the arrival of a good new life for villagers, but the road into the village is not that simple, not only potholes, but also extremely narrow. Naturally, large tank trucks cannot get in, but Self Loading Concrete Mixers can easily deal with this kind of “unacceptable road” phenomenon.

In general, Self Loading Concrete Mixers are highly efficient, cost-saving, full-featured, and high-safety. They play a vital role in small and medium-sized projects, so they are so popular.

Post time: Nov-26-2020