Very large radiator:
The radiator adopts the international advanced plate type independent heat dissipation system to ensure the oil quality and temperature control.
Man-sized radiator:
Radiator adopts internationaladvanced panel independentcooling system to ensure thatthe oil filter quality andtemperature control.
It adopts self-sealing suction filter, which is easy to maintain and easy to maintain. Effectively protect the life of hydraulic components.
Filter (Cleaner):
It adopts self-sealing oil filterwith high accuracy andconvenient maintenance.Double pump filter the oil inand out to effectively protectthe life of hydraulic parts.
High torque dual motor:
The first domestic dual pump confluence, increase the motor torque!
Double motors withhigh torque:
The first double- pumpconfluence in China canincrease the motor torque.
ouble pump:
The double-connected gear pump is easy to maintain, has high pressure, is not easy to wear, and increases the inlet and outlet ports to ensure the required flow rate of the whole machine.Duplex gear pump:
Duplex gear pump easymaintenance, high pressure, noteasy to wear. It increases the oilinlet and outlet and ensures therequired flow rate of the wholemachine

Post time: Aug-14-2020