At present, our Wheel Loaders hydraulic steering system adopts an open quantitative pump system, which is characterized by simple structure and sufficient heat dissipation. The steering hydraulic system is divided into a confluent system and a non-confluent system. Confluence system refers to the steering hydraulic system’s oil to the working device hydraulic system, non-convergence system refers to the steering pump oil dedicated to the steering hydraulic system.

Flow amplification and steering
The flow of the steering pump is given priority to the steering system, and the excess flow is combined to the working system.
Priority load sensing steering
The flow of the steering pump is prioritized to ensure that the flow enters the steering cylinder through the steering gear, and the flow is not affected by the change of the steering pressure, and the excess flow enters the work or other systems.
Coaxial flow amplification steering
Basically the same as priority load sensing steering, the difference is only the steering gear. A small part of the flow entering the steering gear is metered by the steering gear motor, and most (proportionally) merges with a small part through the steering gear internal oil channel and then enters the steering cylinder. .



Post time: Nov-26-2020